Recording Credits


  1. Sainsbury’s Song
  2. The Magic If
  3. Serenissima
  4. Telephone Song
  5. Moose (Trondheimelgsangen)
  6. Soldier Steel
  7. Magic Jam (fading around)
  8. Kevin’s Late Again
  9. Liberatio
  10. Insouciance
  11. Backwards-Living Man
  12. Honesty
  13. Double Yellow
  14. (I Don’t Know if I Like it but it’s) Art
  15. South for the Winter
  16. Lying
  17. Impatience
  18. The Changing
  19. Windermere
  20. Homecoming Blues
  21. Downtime
  22. Bungee of Love
  23. White Horse
  24. Lady May

© 2008, 2017, all tracks by David Hoffman variously 1991-2008, co-authors as follows: The Magic If with Matt Butcher and Richie Primer; Honesty Lying lyrics by Katharine Edgar, Homecoming Blues with Avi Amitai, Art additional lyrics by David Boyle, based on an original witticism by Jeremy Cooper, Magic Jam with Andy Bell, Gordon Davies and Asher Dresner, Moose Norwegian title and fjord tourism by Jostein Brobakk.

David Hoffman  – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards (unless stated otherwise)
Andy Bell – lead guitars Magic If, Backwards, 12 string guitar Lady May Magic Jam, backing vocals Sainsburys Magic If
Gordon Davies – bass Sainsburys Magic If Magic Jam Lady May Bungee Soldier Steel, bass effects Moose
Joel Berkowitz – drums Telephone Song Moose Soldier Steel Kevin Liberatio Double Yellow South Impatience Changing Windermere Homecoming Blues Downtime Bungee White Horse
Nathan Finkel – lead guitar Moose Kevin Liberatio South Impatience Homecoming Downtime
Asher Dresner – keyboards Sainsbury Magic If Magic Jam Art Lady May
Rachel Wright – harp, vocals Serenissima Liberatio White Horse
Dean Staker – bass Telephone Soldier Steel
David Boyle – harmonica Homecoming Blues
Doug Rappoport – lead guitar, backing vocals and arrangement Telephone Song, lead guitar White Horse
Graeme Rappoport – additional bass guitar Telephone Song
John Hoffman – bagpipes Windermere
Alex Toff – drums Sainsbury Magic If Backwards Art Lady May
Jon Fiber – backing vocals and mouse effects Art

(c), (P) CD published 2017, Magic If Music
All tracks produced by Sean Kelsey, recorded at Chilli Inc. Studios Ltd 2015-17 except Sainsburys Song, The Magic If, Backwards-Living Man, Magic Jam, Art and Lady May produced by Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw (Shock Productions), 2008; Telephone Song original production Doug Rappoport 2000, additional recording and production Sean Kelsey 2017. All tracks mastered by Cyclone Music. Cover artwork by Claire Lobel for Liquid Moon (

With thanks to everyone who has supported and taken part in the Magic If’s journey over the years: the originators Matthew Butcher, James Geddes and of course the late, great Richie Primer; Matt Perry, Jeremy Cooper, Andy Bell, Gordon Davies, Mary New, Nicky Donaldson; additional collaborators including Beaton Chari, Doug Rappoport, Graeme Rappoport, Katharine Edgar, Alex Payton, David Boyle, Rachel Wright, Digby Jess, Avi Amitai, Judith Silver, Glenn Grossman, Sharon Alexander; the Token Vegetation: Nathan Finkel, Joel Berkowitz, Dean Staker, Richard Muswell, Abi Magrill, Gabi Markham, David Katz, Leah Shafritz and everyone who has supported Hoff at Limmud sessions, not forgetting Jon, Andy, Danny, Tim, Ian and co at Shock; all at Shir Chadash; Sean for all his hard work and technical wizardry; and of course Toni.

Dedicated to Richie “ our bass player with a Fifties quiff” without whom…



  1. Anim Z’mirot
  2. L’cha Dodi
  3. Ahavat Olam
  4. Mi Chamocha
  5. Aleinu (Part 1)
  6. Aleinu (Part 2)
  7. Kaddish
  8. Ana B’ko’ach
  9. Shabbat Niggun
  10. Adon Olam
  11. Yigdal

David Hoffman – vocals, guitars, keyboards, trumpet
Nathan Finkel – drums, guitars
Dean Staker – bass
Abi Magrill – viola
Simone Goulding – vocals, keyboards
Noam David Wright – vocals, acoustic guitar
Karen Orange – tenor horn, vocals,
Elazar Nnaji – percussion
Anton Martin –vocals

All music by David Hoffman, all music and recordings © and (p) David Hoffman 2015. Lyrics to Anim Z’mirot by David Hoffman with lines from Shir Hakavod by Yehudah HeChasid. Other lyrics are texts from the Jewish liturgy: L’cha Dodi by Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz; Ana B’ko’ach attributed to Nechunya ben Hakkana; other authors unknown. Mi Chamocha includes Exodus 15:11, 18 & Jeremiah 31:11; Aleinu includes Deuteronomy 4:39, Exodus 15:18 & Zechariah 14:9.
All tracks produced by Sean Kelsey, recorded at Chilli Inc. Studios Ltd 2014-15. All tracks mastered by Cyclone Music. Cover artwork by Claire Lobel for Liquid Moon (

With thanks to everyone who has supported me in this album: Sean, Nathan, Dean, Abi and all of Shir Chadash – Karen, Elazar, Simone, Noam, Jennifer, Anton, Jeremy and everyone else who has been involved over the past few years; Reuven Silverman for inspiration and education; Judith, Alexander, and all at Shira Britannia; and of course Toni.


1 Kadosh
2 Song for the Perplexed (Epistemology Blues)
3 Limmud Addict Blues
4 Shir Chadash
5 Mizmor Shir
6 Oseh Shalom
7 Kadosh (Dance Mix)

David Hoffman – vocals and acoustic guitar
Shahar Mintz – acoustic and electric guitar
Glenn Grossman- drums, drum programming, and all other programming
Shawn Shafner – backing vocals (Oseh Shalom)
Naomi Less – backing vocals (Oseh Shalom)
Yoed Nir – cello
David Meer – electric and upright bass
Nick Tardif – electric bass
Chris Bloomfield – dobro
Steve Gluzband – trumpet
David Levit – trombone
Brad Madsen – trombone.

All songs composed by David Hoffman (Kadosh is with thanks to Sam Levi and Joel Berkowitz).
Sung texts are as follows: Kadosh: Isaiah 6:3; Shir Chadash: From Ps 96, 98; Mizmor Shir: Ps 92; Oseh Shalom: Amidah liturgy.
All songs © David Hoffman 2008-2014, all recordings © David Hoffman 2014.
All tracks produced and mixed by Glenn Grossman in New York 2012 – 2014.
Album design by

With thanks to Glenn, Naomi and Shahar and all the musicians; and those who supported the musical journey, especially Dean, Nathan, Joel, Gabi, Abi and David; Gordon, Andy B, Asher, Jon, Andy S and Richie; Judith, Jess, Zoe and Alexander; Karen, Jeremy, Simone and Elazar; and of course Toni.

BLUES FOR JEWS (2014 Remaster)

1.  Ruth
2.  Purim Song
3.  Abraham
4.  Ten Plague Blues
5.  B’Har (On the Mountain)
6.  The Ballad of Jerusalem
7.  Job Blues
8. Ten Commandments Song
9. Talmud Song
10. Limmud Blues
11. Girls with Curls
12. Limmud Fest Song
13. Hey Akiva
14. Oseh Shalom

David Hoffman – main vocals, various guitars, bass, keyboards
Judith Silver – vocals ‘Ruth’ ‘Oseh Shalom’
Gabi Markham – vocals ‘Girls with Curls’
Doug Rappoport – lead guitar ‘Akiva’
Andy Bell – lead guitar ‘Abraham’ ‘Job’, chunky guitar on ‘Akiva’
Asher Dresner – keyboards ‘Ruth’ ‘Purim’ ‘Job’ ‘Talmud’ ‘Akiva’ ‘Oseh Shalom’
Richard Muswell – keyboards, backing vocals ‘Girls with Curls’ ‘Fest Song’ ‘Limmud Blues’
Gordon Davies – bass ‘Job’ ‘Akiva’ ‘Ten Plagues’
Dean Staker – bass ‘Ten Commandments’ ‘Girls with Curls’ ‘Limmud Blues’
Yoni Smith – bass, backing vocals ‘Fest Song’
Nathan Finkel – drums ‘Jerusalem’ ‘Ten Plagues’; guitars ‘Limmud Blues’ ‘Girls with Curls’
Alex Toff – drums ‘Ruth’ ‘Purim’ ‘Job’ ‘Akiva’ ‘Oseh Shalom’
Joel Berkowitz – drums ‘Ten Commandments’ ‘Girls with Curls’ ’Limmud Blues’
Brett Leboff – drums ‘Fest Song’
Naomi Soetendorp and Asher Dresner – backing vocals ‘Ruth’ ‘Oseh Shalom’
Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw – backing vocals ‘Oseh Shalom’ ‘Purim’

© 2008-14, all tracks by Hoffman variously 1993-2011 except ’Hey Akiva’ music Roberts, lyrics Hoffman, ‘Talmud Song’ music Sullivan, lyrics Hoffman, Ten Commandments by Hoffman / J Treml. CD published 2014, Magic If Music.

All tracks produced by Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw (Shock Productions), 2008-11, except ‘Jerusalem’, ‘Ten Plagues’ produced by Sean Kelsey (recorded at Chilli Inc. Studios Ltd), 2014. All tracks remastered by Cyclone Music. Cover artwork by Claire Lobel for Liquid Moon (

Liner Notes: Blues for Jews is a session which has been performed at Limmud, the Jewish educational event, over the last few years, and the amount of original material has gradually grown. Here are some highlights… as Doug put it, music ‘emphasised for the circumcised’.

Thanks to Gordon, Andy, Asher, Alex, Judith, Doug, Jon and Andy, and all those who have inspired or supported my sessions at Limmud, especially Yoni, Nathan, Laura, Ben, Reuben, Elly, Dan R, Tim, Danny D, Dan H, the yads, Dean, David, Max, Abi, Gabi, Noa, Kayla, Joel, Glenn, Sharon and Yehudah K ‘the Jews had joy, so may it be for us’.


      1. L’chu N’ranana Psalm 95: 1-2; Craig Taubman (p) Sweet Louise Music Ltd
      2. Yedid Nefesh Eliezer Azikri; Craig Taubman (p) Sweet Louise Music Ltd
      3. Shiru L’Adonai Psalm 96; Shlomo Carlebach (c) Carlebach Foundation
      4. L’cha Dodi Liturgy; David Hoffman
      5. Mizmor Shir Psalm 92: 1-9; David Hoffman
      6. Tzadik Katamar Psalm 92: 13-16; Louis Lewandowski
      7. Barechu Liturgy; Debbie Jacobson & Joel Libava
      8. Ahavat Olam Liturgy; David Hoffman
      9. Shema Deut 6:4; Dean Staker
      10. Mi Chamocha Liturgy; Richard Silverman
      11. V’shamru Exodus 15:11, 18; Moshe Rothblum
      12. Shalom Alechem Liturgy; Israel Goldfarb, arranged Hoffman
      13. Oseh Shalom Liturgy; David Hoffman
      14. Yigdal Liturgy; David Hoffman

Shir Chadash Musicians:
David Hoffman – vocals, guitars, percussion
Karen Orange – vocals, tenor horn
Elazar Nnaji – vocals, percussion
Simone Goulding – vocals, keyboards
Jennifer Broughton – cello
No’am David Wright – vocals, guitars
Anton Martin – vocals

Thanks to all the musicians, Reuven Silverman, Warren Elf, Jeremy Tabick and all those who have supported or inspired Shir Chadash, especially Dean Staker and Craig Taubman.
Copyright in all tracks subsists in the original composer, used under licence. All recordings © and (p) David Hoffman 2014. All tracks produced by Sean Kelsey, recorded at Chilli Inc. Studios Ltd 2014.All tracks mastered by Cyclone Music. Cover artwork by Claire Lobel for Liquid Moon (