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Shira Britannia singaround

Hi everyone, Shir Chadash has had to take a pause for obvious reasons, but in the meantime, Judith Silver, Dean Staker and Shir Chadash’s own David Hoffman have been thinking about how to keep our various Jewish music networks going and we’re planning this singaround. All welcome, sign up is via a Zoom form, you can find it on facebook or else email for details. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming concert – Shira Britannia roadshow

Judith Silver, Dean Staker and David Hoffman in Concert

30 March 2019, 7.30 pm, at Manchester Reform Synagogue

Enjoy the talents of these three leading British Jewish songwriters and performers as they bring their music to you, featuring backing band and musicians, including Manchester’s own Shir Chadash

Shira Britannia is a British Jewish songwriters’ and composers’ network and Judith, David and Dean are three of its organisers. This is a chance for you to hear some of their fabulous liturgical, religious and other material – it will be a delightful evening!

Tickets £12 adults / £10 concessions / £6 children

You can buy tickets here

The Magic If album – now out!

Check out the new album – 20 years in the making! It’s the Magic If – tracks from the full 25+ year history of the band.

Preview the title track here:

Full track listing below with notes – full details and credits on the music credits page. Plus follow the links opposite to buy the track online or email to order a CD.

  1. Sainsbury’s Song
  2. The Magic If
  3. Serenissima
  4. Telephone Song
  5. Moose (Trondheimelgsangen)
  6. Soldier Steel
  7. Magic Jam (fading around)
  8. Kevin’s Late Again
  9. Liberatio
  10. Insouciance
  11. Backwards-Living Man
  12. Honesty
  13. Double Yellow
  14. (I Don’t Know if I Like it but it’s) Art
  15. South for the Winter
  16. Lying
  17. Impatience
  18. The Changing
  19. Windermere
  20. Homecoming Blues
  21. Downtime
  22. Bungee of Love
  23. White Horse
  24. Lady May

Ancient Inspiration – new album out now!

David Hoffman’s new album of Jewish rock is now out! Featuring juicy rock takes on the liturgy, all given a lively feel by the band!

Track listing as follows:

  1. Anim Z’mirot
  2. L’cha Dodi
  3. Ahavat Olam
  4. Mi Chamocha
  5. Aleinu (Part 1)
  6. Aleinu (Part 2)
  7. Kaddish
  8. Ana B’ko’ach
  9. Shabbat Niggun
  10. Adon Olam
  11. Yigdal

Follow the links to buy it on Amazon, or email to order the CD by post.

Kadosh – check out the video!

I’m delighted to be able to launch my new music video for the song ‘Kadosh’ – check it out on youtube! I hope you enjoy it!

Produced, directed and edited by Paaren Mardiste, with hair and makeup by Lynn Docherty.

Track produced by Glenn Grossman.

Shir Chadash album out!

The Shir Chadash ensemble has also been busy this year – and we now have our very first Shir Chadash CD out!

Track listing is as follows (with composers; all music used under licence):

    1. L’chu N’ranana (Craug Taubman)
    2. Yedid Nefesh (Craig Taubman)
    3. Shiru L’Adonai (Shlomo Carlebach)
    4. L’cha Dodi (David Hoffman)
    5. Mizmor Shir (David Hoffman)
    6. Tzadik Katamar (Louis Lewandowski)
    7. Barechu (Debbie Jacobson & Joel Libava)
    8. Ahavat Olam (David Hoffman)
    9. Shema (Dean Staker)
    10. Mi Chamocha (Richard Silverman)
    11. V’shamru (Moshe Rothblum)
    12. Shalom Alechem (Israel Goldfarb, arranged Hoffman)
    13. Oseh Shalom (David Hoffman)
    14. Yigdal (David Hoffman)

To buy a copy do get in touch by email!

Remastered Blues for Jews album now out

Blues for Jews has had a makeover – remastered tracks, plus two news songs, the Ballad of Jerusalem and the Ten Plague Blues, and revamped artwork. Available to buy soon! The two new songs now mean that the album has the complete set of Hoff originals from his ‘songs for kids to perform at Northern Reform cheder days’ period. And from his Blues for Jews sessions at Limmud. Hope you enjoy!

Listen to Jerusalem here:

Kadosh album cover

New album out – Kadosh!

The new album from David Hoffman and the Magic If is out – Kadosh! Seven mouth-watering tracks for you to enjoy – featuring songs on Jewish themes and liturgical settings – all delivered in a chunky rock format courtesy of all-star producer Glenn Grossman!

You can find the tracks to listen to on the music page – and you can buy it on Amazon here or email David to buy a CD.